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Getting the Fiscal Beast Under Control

Despite all the tech-savvy bookkeeping tools on the market nowadays, many businesses still rely heavily on paper for accounting, invoicing and documenting estimates. But, businesses are also making an effort to reduce their dependence on paper. With nearly 80 percent of companies taking steps to computerize their bookkeeping and become less paper-reliant, according to a study from by CompTIA, the IT Industry Association. One such industry going the paper-less route is the boating and service repair space.

In Boatyards, Why Ad Hoc Workflow Doesn’t Work

For boaters, time spent basking in the sun is of the essence; therefore, when boats need service, the shorter the timeline, the better. Thus, ad hoc workflows have no place in boat maintenance. After all, when service professionals aren’t on the same page, they will experience inadequate planning and improvisation which will inevitably lead to delays and confusion. So how can service shops create a seamless workflow that maximizes time and productivity and reduces overall costs, like overtime and duplicate work?

Early Season Boat Maintenance Prep

As the days grow longer and temperatures rise, boat owners across the country begin to dream about cruising on their vessels, letting go of their worries and enjoying the open water. But these owners also understand that before they can pull out of the harbor or marina, they must be sure their ships are in top working condition and conform to all local regulations.