Announcing the New MyTaskit Mobile App

Announcing the New MyTaskit Mobile App

The world of work is undergoing a great revolution.  

No longer are the days where we solely rely on whiteboards, spreadsheets, and work orders.  Profitable businesses adopt technology to optimize their workforce.

While there are plenty of tools to connect employees sitting in front of a computer screen, a huge percentage of professionals spend their careers away from their desk.

Field technicians, trades and repair people need tools to help them get organized, and get control of their work day so they can get more done, faster. The new MyTaskit mobile app, developed specifically for technicians and tradespeople, facilitates a faster and more efficient view of all assigned work and enables real-time communication to increase work productivity.

An Award-Winning Work Coordination Platform

MyTaskit is an award-winning platform built to optimize service work coordination and collaboration among all in-office and field staff.  

With features like:

  • Offline/Online Modes – enabling field staff to continue working while offline;
  • Recording voice notes to text to enable easier, real-time communication to in-office staff;
  • Uploading before-and-after photos and videos to elevate work quality to customers;
  • Job time submission and tracking for faster billing;
  • Updating work orders in real-time, and more;

MyTaskit’s Mobile app is the “must have” tool for companies those who work in the field.

Easy to use and deploy, the MyTaskit mobile app is a natural evolution from MyTaskit Pro’s immersive workflow web application. The new app is driven by the needs of the MyTaskit customer base, who needed more simplicity and connectivity for their mobile teams. With it, companies bill up to 10 days faster, save 4 hours per day in administrative time and increase technician efficiency.

Get the MyTaskit Mobile App Today!

Available now in the Google Play and Apple App Stores, this app is a feature-rich way for a technician workforce that needs to get organized, and get control of their work day so they can get more done, faster.

From real-time job updates for technicians to integrated search and filter features for easy-to-access record keeping, the MyTaskit mobile platform has everything the field staff needs. It’s time for your business to join the work revolution!

To learn more about our new mobile app, read our press release.