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People, Productivity, Performance and Process: How Optimizing Work Processes Can Improve Your Bottom Line

“Time is money” is a proverbial saying, but it’s often true, especially when you’re managing a business. When managing a team of workers, improving time management is always a goal, but what possible ways are there to increase your time management and improve your bottom line? Improving your business processes is one way. Improving your […]

Are We Over-Digitizing Customer Service?

In today’s hyper-speed society, everything is becoming digitized. This holds true for customer service as well. You know – interactive voice response telephone systems, auto-responder emails, website FAQs (frequently asked questions) and the like. In some ways, these “conveniences” are making life better, but in other ways, they are most certainly not. Yes they may save time and/or allow the customer to self-serve, but they can also boost annoyance and dissatisfaction levels in a way that only a live, human-to-human phone-based interaction could avoid.

Buried in Paper? It’s not just about saving trees. the effective way to go paperless using mobile apps.

In my previous post, I described how the use of mobile devices can help improve Communication, Collaboration and Control in your dealership. In this post, let’s take closer look at some actionable examples a marine business can deploy that work well with readily available apps to help increase both communication and collaboration in your dealership while maintaining a level of control to keep everyone focused.