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MyTaskit Pro Training

Your positive experience with MyTaskit is paramount to us. That’s why we provide personalized onboarding and training for you and your team designed to help you fully understand how to use the platform and get your business up to cruising speed quickly.

What to Expect:

Onboarding includes 3 hours of training and will cover multiple topics. To prepare your team for 100% participation, Supervisors and Administrators will first join an initial onboarding and training session, followed by a separate session for the rest of your technician team.

Onboarding includes:

  1. Conversion of the free business account to a pro account (if applicable)
  2. Obtaining a list of users, clients, and vendors to import into platform
  3. Understanding your current business workflow and who is responsible for specific functions
  4. Training on all the different functions of the platform for the supervisor
  5. Training on all the different functions of the platform for the technician

To ensure your team is operating and adopting the MyTaskit experience, we are available for additional training for a fee. Our team will schedule time to understand your specific additional training needs and help you fine-tune your overall experience.

MyTaskit Pro Overview

Paths to Success for Boat Service Companies

Task Manager Overview for Supervisor

My Clients Page for Supervisors

Task Grid for Supervisors


The MyTaskit Pro Training Team offers several choices for training your staff. Whether you need to onboard a new employee, help advanced users take their skills to the next level, or simply trying to improve practices and procedures, we’re here to help.

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